Monday, December 30, 2013

Project 365- 2014

New Year Day is great for resolutions but when it comes to sticking to a resolution, well let's just say that is not an easy task for me.  It would probably be a lot easier to just take the year day by day and to make small changes that will ultimately get me to where I want to be one year from now. I will not make any resolutions this year but if I had to describe in one word what I want 2014 to be it would be  Effortless.  
I am beginning something on my blog this year called the 365 project.  What is it you ask?  It is basically a project in self- discipline, for one year or 365 days, I will take a photo everyday of some aspect of my life and blog about it here.  I also hope to make some sort of scrapbook along with it. I want to make it more about all the things I want to accomplish this year, all the things I love about my life, all the things I do and see.  I am extremely excited to get started. So here is to a wonderful 2014, may it be effortless in living, enjoying, loving, doing and learning.  Happy 2014!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blogmas Christmas Decorations

I love to decorate for Christmas.  Here are a few things I have done in my home to make it feel Christmasy!!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blogmas Disney Christmas

We recently visited Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney with my in laws who were visiting for Thanksgiving.  Disney knows how to do Christmas and that is all I will say about that.  Just take a look.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It's Blogmas time!!!! What in the world is Blogmas you ask?  It's a combination of the word Blog and Christmas.  I am going to blog everyday from now until Christmas day about all things Christmas.  Today's topic?  Christmas music of course.  No Christmas season is complete without listening to some Christmas tunes.  My favorite Christmas albums are as follows.

1.  I am love, love, loving Kelly Clarkson's new Album Wrapped in Red. It's Christmas music it's Kelly Clarkson, what's not to love.

2. Michael Buble Christmas- Love him, love his voice, did I mention I love this album?

3.  Josh Groban's Noel- LOVE IT!!!

4. Glee Christmas

These are just a few of my favorite albums.  What are your favorites?  I would love to hear, leave me a comment and let me know.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Students

Through social media I have been able to get back in touch with some of my students.  I taught them when they were 10 years old and they are now adults.  I was so happy to get in touch with a few of them and I am so proud of all they are aspiring to be in their lives, it is just wonderful.  After writing back and forth with a couple of my former students I realized how much I miss that time in my life.  I was 21 when I started teaching and I taught until I was 28 and had my son.  I was a good teacher.  I loved my job and it showed.  Even though I loved it then, I am not sure there is room in my life now for teaching.  Things are different in the world of education now with common core and I am not sure if I could teach that way.  I immersed myself in my job, my job was my life.  Now things are different, now I have an 8 year old and a 2 year old with Down Syndrome so I couldn't do a job like that anymore and give my all to it.  

Am I happy to never return to teaching?  Maybe.  I can find other things in my life to be good at.  I am happy that I was able to help a few kids during my years of teaching, I am glad I was able to guide them and hopefully teach them a few things that have helped them in their lives. Right now my focus will be my kids. Luckily I have the background to possibly homeschool them if I need to one day. To all my students I hope you all succeed at anything you put your hearts and minds to, may you always follow your dreams, may you become all I knew you would be. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013


So excited.  I was contacted by Mommy Hot Spot and asked to add my blog to their site.  You can find the Mommy Hot Spot badge on my blog. If you click on it every time you visit my blog I will get a vote, you can vote for me once a day.  I would so much appreciate the votes.  Thank you so much for your support.

Please share my blog and my facebook page too, thanks.

Check out Mommy Hot Spot

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Celebutard- Sephora Lipstick Kat Von D

I will no longer shop at Sephora.  They are carrying a line of lipsticks from Kat Von D and one of the shades is called Celebutard.  Celebrity+retard= Celebutard.  I am so not laughing.  Not even cute, or funny or humane. My daughter has Down Syndrome, and I so hate the use of the R word.  It is rude, Kat Von D and Sephora.

I used to love to shop at Sephora and now I am so very disappointed.  I will no longer shop in your store, and I will spread the word to others not to shop there.  We all deserve an apology and you should remove the product from your shelves immediately Sephora.  As for Kat Von D you definitely get an F.

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Halloween to Remember

So it was Halloween, our first one in the south and I must say, you guys really know how to do Halloween.  We had so much fun Trick or Treating with our new friends, it was definitely  a blast and fun was had by all.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 26, 2011- 2 years ago

Two years ago they wheeled you away on a bed that was way to big for you. I kissed your forehead and promised you, promised myself that I would see you later.  I watched you look back at us, I watched you look back as if to say, where are you going? Why aren't you coming with me?  I didn't want to let you go, I didn't want to let them take you.  I wanted to grab you and run out of that hospital, but I knew I couldn't, you needed to be there, they needed to save you.  A week earlier your health started to fail, you were "failing to thrive" as the doctors put it, the surgery needed to be done as soon as possible.  We were going to the cardiologist sometimes twice a week and to the pediatrician at least once a week, we pretty much lived in doctor's offices.   The holes in your heart wouldn't repair on their own, so they needed to cut your tiny little chest, they needed to put you on a heart and lung machine, they needed to patch the holes in your heart.
That day was the longest day of  our lives, I can vividly remember every moment of that day as if it was just yesterday.  I remember handing you over to the doctors, I remember screaming inside, but I didn't want you to see me upset so I smiled at you, kissed your forehead and broke down as I saw the doors shut with you on the other side.  There was nothing I could do now, what if you were scared, what if you were crying, what if you needed me, there was nothing that I could do.  You were laying in that cold operating room with all of those machines, you were probably cold, you were probably frightened and I couldn't be there to hold you, I couldn't be there to tell you that it was going to be okay, I couldn't be there to wipe away your tears.  Minutes felt like hours and hours felt like days, not knowing was agony, 8 hours of surgery, 8 hours you were gone from me, 8 hours I couldn't help you, I couldn't save you.
The doctor's came out dressed in their scrubs, all I heard in the next few minutes was "She is doing good, the surgery went well, and you can see her in a few minutes."  I didn't hear anything else, the explaination of the surgery is a blurr.  I remember thanking God that they saved you, thanking the heavens and anyone else who was listening that you were going to be okay.
When we walked into your room, I was going to turn around and walk out because I thought we were in the wrong room, it was only when the nurse called you by your name that I realized it was you.  You were so swollen and orange from the iodine, you had so many tubes and wires coming out of you, I couldn't see my baby anymore.  Oh how I just wanted to scoop you up into my arms and love you and snuggle you but I couldn't, it would be too long before I was able to do that.
The next 8 days would be long and exhausting both emotionally and physically. Daddy and I never left your side. You were doing so well, until they gave you your first dose of morphine.  Your little pink body and face started to turn blue right before my eyes, and you were gasping to take a breath, I heard you inhale then exhale then I didn't hear anything else, you had stopped breathing.  I have never been so scared in my life, Grandma and Grandpa had arrived just as this was happening, I think they aged 25 years before my eyes.  They had to insert the breathing tube again.  They saved you again, they got you breathing again.  The beeps and sirens of all the machines in your room, I will never forget those sounds for as long as I live. They would beep when your heart rate would drop and doctors would come in to check and make sure you were okay.
I am grateful to all of your doctors and nurses for the wonderful treatment they gave you, they saved your life, they saved our lives, I can never repay them for such a wonderful gift. As the days went on the tubes and wires were removed one by one.  Each and every day you got stronger and stronger. I will never forget the day they nurse told me I could hold you again, they had to tuck all your wires in and hand you to me.  It was so wonderful to hold your warm body against mine again. I was scared you wouldn't know me, I was scared you would hate me for leaving you that morning with strange men and women dressed in scrubs.  But you knew me, and you didn't hate me, you fell asleep in my arms that night, and I have never felt so content and happy in all of my life.
By the 8th day the doctors said you were ready to go home, your little body had endured so much, I was afraid to take you home.  It was such a wonderful feeling walking through those hospital doors knowing we were on the other side, we were going home.

I cried the a lot that week, I cried more tears than I thought was possible.  When we got home it was hard, I was afraid, afraid I would hurt you, afraid you were too fragile.  But each and every day got easier and easier and we got through it all.  You were a new baby, you had become the baby I believe you were born to be, you had strength, energy, you yelled, you cried.  Before the sugery you couldn't cry your body was too weak, so we had never heard you cry, not once.
You began physical therapy and speech therapy in November.  Each and every day you have been proving to everyone just how truly wonderful and strong you are.  You are eating better, you are sitting all by yourself, you are doing the things that some doctors said you may not do.  It is going to take you longer than most babies and you may have to work a lot harder than other babies but that is okay with me.  You take your time, you do things when you are good and ready.  I am so glad that the surgery is behind us, and your cardiologist appointments have become yearly visits instead of monthly visits.  We are thankful that we were able to get through it all even though at the time we had no idea how we would.  We are thankful for our true miracle, our gift from God.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Did You Know?????

Did you know?  That is the question I get most often from people that bugs the crap out of me.  Did I know what??????  Did you know she had Down Syndrome before you had her?  No, but what does that mean, what does it matter?  To me that says, well if you had known you would have aborted her.

I don't know how you do it!! I don't really know either but I just do it, what other choice do I have. She needs me and I will do everything I can to give her a wonderful life.

My children are my life.  My daughter is my daughter not my Down Syndrome daughter. Yes she has Down Syndrome but I will not define her but her diagnosis.

Monday, October 21, 2013

That Friday, I Will Always Remember

It was a Friday  October 21, 2011 a chilly  afternoon around 4:30 or so and I was in Westchester, NY with my daughter at her weekly cardiologist appointment.  He looked concerned, he looked worried, she needs the surgery within the next few days he said.  I think I almost passed out, I remember there was a med student in the room, he got me a chair and gave me a hug and a glass of water and told me everything was going to be okay, I will never forget him and what he did for me that day.
The cardiologist came racing back in the room, he was on his cell phone with the surgeon, the surgery would be on Wednesday October 26, 2011.  I had 5 days, 5 days to spend with her, 5 days to love her before I had to turn her over to the surgeon.    That was the hardest 5 days of my life, knowing what was ahead, knowing what we were going to have to go through.  I will remember this day for the rest of my life.  Just look at her now.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our Lives as We Know It

Down Syndrome is my life now, if you had asked me when I was 25 and just getting married if I thought this would be my life today, I would happily disagree.  Now it's just the way it is, we live with therapies, with delays. We also live with happiness, the kind that no one tells you about.   The way she makes us smile from ear to ear, or the love we feel in our heart for both our children becomes magnified. We know how lucky we are to have this little piece of wonder in our lives.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Enjoying October

Being that the south is now our home we have been missing fall a lot.  There are no changing leaves here, no crisp clean air, no smell of fireplaces burning in the air, no cozy sweaters, no cool weather.  It just hot, really hot at least for October.  We wake up everyday hoping this will be the day we need to put on a sweater.  So while it is sweat worthy outside I figure I can at least pretend that it is fall inside.  Inside it is cool and crisp, with the smells of apples in the air, the need for a sweater, the smell of pumpkin coffee brewing.

So if I cannot have fall I will make the best of it and pretend that it is fall inside.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month.  Our little girl has come so far. She is starting to talk and walk.  It has been a long and hard 2 years for her, but she is so easy going and so loving. We just love her.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Little Things Make Me Happy.

So hubby did the most romantic thing ever, he woke up extra early, took my car and got me a full tank of gas, and left me a special treat of breakfast and a Dunkin Donuts coffee on the table.  To me that said he thought of me, wanted to save me time, wanted to help me and to make my day better. It's the little things that make me happy.

Friday, September 27, 2013


So after a visit to the OT office on several occasions with my daughter and the pediatrician's office with both kiddos, and being out and about seeing kids curse out their mothers, I have been noticing the rotten behavior of other people's kids.  I am proud of how I am raising my children. I am proud that I can count on my son to behave himself in ANY situation.  I am proud that my daughter is learning the same things that my son has learned.  Be kind, be respectful, be honest because I expect that behavior. I will accept nothing less.  I am not TOO HARD on my kids. My son made a friend in school and I was so happy that after spending a day with his family that they behave the same way my kids do and it was such a breath of fresh air.  Encountering a badly behaved child leaves me feeling like I want to write a book, want to offer advice, want to do something, anything.

Children need structure, guidance, rules and consequences for their actions. The End. Period.  I often hear from people that my children are "too good."  Really?? Ummm ok? For example the nurse at the doctor's office said to me "He is so very polite."  But she said it as if she were completely shocked, I am sure she was.  I would get stopped in a store or in a supermarket at least once a week asking me how I got my son to behave in the shopping cart, how come he wasn't throwing a fit?  You must have bribed him, huh?  Nope bribery is not in my vocabulary.  From a very early age I would tell him, for example, "We are going to Target, I have to get some things for home and we have to get a Birthday gift for so and so, Mommy only has enough money to get what is on my list, nothing else."  He would always ask to look at the toys, but that was it.  He threw one temper tantrum when he was 2 in a store, I had just finished shopping and had a cart full of stuff.  This is an example where follow through is very important.  I told him if he didn't stop we would have to leave all our things, leave the store and go home.  He didn't stop, so I left my full cart right there and we went home.  He knew from that moment on that I mean what I say. He realized that when he acted that way he was not going to get what he wanted. I can honestly say that that was the first and last temper tantrum.  From that day on we could go to any toy store to just look and he was perfectly happy with that.  He was realizing that good behavior was a lot more rewarding than bad behavior.  I would often spy something he really liked in the toy store, when we were just looking and would buy it without him knowing and give it to him a few days later.  He has always been such a wonderful boy and human being. He is kind, caring and he is teaching his little sister all of these wonderful characteristics.

Today I witnessed a boy no older than my son, calling his mother an "ass wipe."  Yes you read that right.  Well you must be thinking that this boy was taken out of there, brought home and punished. NOPE.  His mother sat there, begging him not to talk to her like that.  She sounded like she was speaking to a friend, not her child.  I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that people allow their children to talk to them like that. How does this happen?

I am tired of witnessing people that cannot seem to figure out how to be a parent. It isn't rocket science people. YOU ARE THE PARENT.  THEY ARE THE CHILD.

1. Children need rules

2. Children need guidance

3. Children need to know that there are consequences for their actions.(i.e. things need to actually be taken away from them, things that they really like, for long periods of time, not just 5 minutes.)

4. Children need you to get off your ass and correct their bad behavior.

5. Children cannot do whatever the hell they feel like doing, especially if it is harmful or obnoxious to themselves or others.

6. Children should be taught that whining isn't going to get them what they want. Whining and crying aren't cute anymore once the child can speak in complete sentences. You are inevitably teaching them that this behavior will work later in life. Let's face it who likes to be around whiny adults? The minute you respond to the whining, that is it. You are in for years and years of whining and carrying on because they think that they can get your attention this way.

7. You are not your child's friend. You are their parent. They will have enough friends in their lifetime, they don't need anymore.

8. Mean what you say! If you say "If you hit your sister one more time I am taking your bike away for a week"- guess what you need to do when he smacks his sister again? Ding, ding, ding! You've got it! Take the bike away for a week. I told you it's not rocket science folks.

9. When you let your child do whatever he/she wants and he or she knows that they can get away with this with a grown up,  they are going to  exhibit the same behavior with their peers. Congratulations, you have just created a bully!!

10.  When your child has no rules, no consequences, no disappointment you are creating an entitled little brat. He/She is going to become and entitled teenage brat and so on.

11. Pay attention to your kids, they act out because they want your attention.  If you are constantly too busy or talking on your phone, the kid figures negative attention is better than no attention at all.

Even though my daughter is special needs, I still expect her to behave herself, I still expect her to understand how to be kind, be caring, be respectful and be honest.  It may take her a little longer to understand but she will get there. I am never mean, I never once have to raise my voice, ever. I talk to my kids like they are little people, I never talk baby talk to my kids, I have spoken to my son since he is a baby and to my daughter as well using good vocabulary, I never said things in baby talk or just assume they won't understand me.  I explain things, I explain what will happen if they do x y or z. I treat them with respect and too expect respect in return.  My son knows what is expected of him and so will my daughter, plain and simple. I am not saying the way I parent is perfect, I am not saying that your way is wrong. Do what works for you.  What I am saying is DO SOMETHING. Don't expect everyone else to raise your kid and to discipline them too.   Don't just sit there and expect your kid to discipline themselves, don't allow your child to be rude, disrespectful or  be a bully.  Don't act like you just don't know what to do.  You know what to do, you are just not willing to put in the effort to do the work. Raising a well behaved, respectful child is hard work, they don't just pop out that way.  Put in the work and eventually you will be able to reap the rewards of knowing that your hard work has helped to mold this wonderful human being.  I am just tired of getting comments about my kids, like it's not normal that they are well behaved and respectful.  Yet no one says anything about their kid(s) that acts like a beast.  It doesn't take a village to raise a child, it takes a parent.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

WHAT DO I DO ALL DAY????????????????

What do you do all day?  Someone actually asked me this question the other day. "I don't know how you stay home and not work, I need my own time, I would be so bored if I stayed home."  SERIOUSLY???????? Boredom is really not an issue with me.  I will illustrate my schedule here just so this person and others can get a clue.

1.Wake up (sometimes I get to shower, depends on if hubby is running late or it 2 yr old is awake yet, other days, dry shampoo can be a girl's best friend) Most days I look like a hot mess, but my kids don't care. They just care that I am there and that they can count on me.
2. breakfast for 2 yr old and 8 yr old, make lunches for 8 yr old and hubby
3.Independent play for 2 yr old while I pay bills, clean up breakfast, start laundry
4.Clean up playroom
5.Drive 8 yr old to school
6. Nap for 2 year old if I am lucky, usually not so lucky (clean while she is napping)
7. Therapy for 2 yr old
8. Lunch
9. Play and Therapy Practice for 2 year old
10. Pick up 8 yr old from school (2 yr old will sometimes nap in the car emphasis on sometimes)
11. Finally get home from picking up 8 yr old from school after sitting in the car line for an hour
12. Homework, cook dinner
13. Feed kids dinner
14. Dinner me and hubby/ Clean
15. Bath for kids and bedtime
16.Sometimes we squeeze in grocery shopping or an outing in there.

So no I am certainly not bored, nor do I have time for a job right now.  I am not a burden to my husband.  I am providing my children with a mother, with stability, with  normalcy. I am providing my husband with a clean and organized home, clean clothes, cooked meals and he loves knowing that I am here with our kids.  I am not going to dump my kids off at day care because I need an outlet or I am bored.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Life Is Good- Week in Review

Well I have been absent from blogging for a while and I apologize.  Why haven't I been writing?  Life. Life just sometimes gets in the way of the things I love doing.  I have to seriously learn to make the things that I love doing a priority.  I will try to commit to at least blog once a week when I am most busy. I may just do a week in review type of thing.

So what has been happening?  Lot's!!!!  I cut all my hair off!!!AHHHHHHH!

I have never had my hair this short and I must say I am LOVING it.  It is so easy to take care of, so easy to get ready in the morning and so FREEING!!!!!

Even though it is still 90 degrees outside, I am pretending that it is fall inside.

 We had a mom and big kid date at Disney's Wilderness Lodge.  This is my FAVORITE resort. We at dinner at the Whispering Canyon Cafe which was delicious. We spent the day at the Magic Kingdom, it was a great day!

Little Miss is starting to talk a lot more.  She now says Mickey, Mom, Dad, Done, More, Get It, Out, No, Yes (Ya!!) This is such a big deal to us.  So happy that she is beginning to communicate with us. She still isn' walking, she will take 2 or 3 steps alone but won't go any further. I guess it is just the beginning.   We are loving life and enjoying all the things we love to do.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Me Time, Homey Stuff

So I am trying really hard to make time for myself lately, because I have noticed the less time allow myself the more horrible I start to feel, the more tired and old I feel.

I also bought myself a few things, even if was only because all my favorite places to shop were having sales.  I  bought myself some new skincare items.  I purchased some Origins face wash, toner and moisturizer.  I have read great things about Origins and thought I would give it a try.  So far so good, I am really liking it.

Then I got some stuff from Bath and Body Works.  They too were having an awesome sale.  Some candles in yummy fall scents.

                                            A cute owl plug in with fall scent bulbs. Can you tell I love fall?

I am also trying to decorate our home to make it beautiful and homey.  I started today by creating a central location for my kids' schedules and bags. So I did this with a little help from my hubby.
This is the first time I feel at home in a place that we have lived.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

So Long Summer

Well summer is officially over and we didn't get to even half the things on our bucket list.  My daughter has therapy 4 days a week so that kind of prevented us from venturing out too much.  Now I feel terrible, that we didn't get to do all of the things that I planned, all of the things we wanted to do together.  I love to have both my kids at home with me and my heart is breaking that my son has to go back to school.
Therapy sessions will continue for another year for Little Miss and then she is turned over to the school system, uggghh. I get sick to my stomach when I even think about it. So summer, I regret we didn't do enough but luckily the weather doesn't change down here so we can probably still do summer like things well into fall on the weekends.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Great Friends and Disney Fun

We had a wonderful 4 day weekend.  We went to Disney World with some great friends from NY and had a blast.  Disney is a great way for us to spend family time together, it is a way for us to unwind, to have lots of fun, have some great food and get A LOT of exercise.

It was so nice seeing our friends and spending time with them and their kiddos.  Fun was definitely had by all.

I will miss them but look forward to our annual meeting in Disney World.

Monday, August 5, 2013


Stressing out big time.  My daughter has her yearly visit to the cardiologist coming up this week.  We are seeing a new doctor which completely adds to the stress.  People who have been there understand completely what I am going through and feeling right now.  All the stress of the surgery and the terrifying feelings flood my brain.  I get so scared that they will tell me she needs to have another surgery, I worry that this doctor who doesn't know her will want to do test after test looking for a problem.  I just worry, I'm a worrier.  And she also has to go on her birthday, which I know seems cruel but it was the only appointment I could get and it's super early so we will get it over and done with.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

South, School, Homeschool

I am getting used to the south.  It is definitely hot that is for sure.  It's like someone puts a hot, wet washcloth over your face as soon as you walk out the door.  Other than that we are enjoying it, we are going to start making time to see all the things there are to see. I am thinking about homeschooling my kids next year, I need a year to get organized and figure out what to do.  My son currently loves school so we will see.
I know I will most likely homeschool my daughter, because there isn't inclusion here and I am not comfortable with that.  If anyone has any homeschooling advice I would appreciate it. 

Monday, July 29, 2013


So the haircut never happened and I so desperately need one, instead I spent the entire weekend sick, fan-freaking-tastic.  Anyway I belong to this seasonal subscription box called, Fortune Cookie Soap and I love them.  This morning I used one of their Sugar Scrubs and Whipped Creams and OMG I am in love.  I will be placing an order soon.
I just thought I would share something I do for myself and it is getting this little subscription box in the mail.  It is something that is just for me and I look forward to it.  I get so excited to open it up when it's in my mailbox.  So if you have not tried Fortune Cookie Soap yet, you must.  I am not being paid nor am I affiliated with Fortune Cookie Soap, I just really love them and think you will too.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Food for thought Tuesday- Chicken Tacos

I have been making this delicious recipe for a few weeks now and I love it, thought I would share.

Whole wheat tortillas
chicken breasts
pineapple salsa
sour cream
shredded cheddar cheese

I make the chicken in the crockpot
Add chicken and jar or pineapple salsa (I use Newman's own) and half a jar of water
Cook on high for at least 3-4 hrs
When chicken is done shred with a fork
Dice up tomatoes and avocado
Create tacos with chicken, sour cream, tomato, avocado and cheese.

They are delicious and perfect for the summer.  Enjoy, let me know if you try it!

Mommy Time Monday- One Fish Two Fish

Our weekend was spent with family visiting from NJ.  The kids swam in the pool, we went to the aquarium, swam some more and went to the outdoor mall here.  While we were at the aquarium the most amazing thing happened, my daughter who will be 2 in just a couple of weeks, was looking at the fish and did the sign for fish.  I was so happy and so proud of her, I could have cried.  It is amazing how something like that just makes it all seem so worth while.
In other news this mama needs a break, I am thinking I may schedule myself a hair appointment to get a trim and a coloring and schedule some me time! Hope everyone has a nice Monday!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Since I was a little girl I always wanted to learn about another country's culture and to speak their language.  Recently, a lovely book has come to my attention, Since I was a little girl I always wanted to learn about another country's culture and to speak their language.  Recently, a lovely book has come to my attention, Since I was a little girl I always wanted to learn about another country's culture and to speak their language.  Recently, a lovely book has come to my attention, Bosley Goes to the Beach by Tim Johnson. This book is meant for children and was written to help them learn. This book can be utilized to introduce your child to a new language and to teach them new words and phrases.

This wonderfully illustrated book is written to allow children to understand and learn a  new language at their own pace. The layout of the book puts the English on one side, and it's Spanish translation on the other, making it easy for your child to follow.  All of the illustrations are labeled in Spanish as well, making this a fabulous book to help your child to learn a new language and to enjoy learning.

So if you are looking for a book that is well written, beautifully illustrated and encompasses all that learning a new language is about, then look no further; Bosley Goes to the Beach by Tim Jonhson is the book for you and your family.

Check out the website! Bosley Goes to the Beach is available for purchase on

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Good Luck and enjoy Bosley Bear!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mommy Time Monday- Stress

How do you deal with stress?  This week is going to be VERY stressful for me.  OT is starting for Little Miss and I have to bring her there at 6:00 in the evening.  I should preface that by saying that she goes to bed by 6:30-7:00 so it is her cranky period of the day, so I am already stressing out about it. Then she has the usual therapy sessions and everything else that I have to get done this week. In the past, I thrived on stress, I worked best under pressure.  Today, it's a whole different story. I don't do well with stress, I feel it in my body, I feel sick to my stomach. I feel awful and have already broken out in hives.  All this added to the million and one things I have to get done in the next 3 days, should prove to be interesting for my stress levels.

Sometimes it is hard to have it all riding on my shoulders, don't get me wrong my husband helps when he's here and when he can but mostly everything has to be taken care of during the week; so that means it's up to me to get it done. In the end I always get it done, but it's just the stress before hand that I am having a hard time with.  I guess it all leads back to the fact that I need to make time for myself to de-stress.  How do you deal with the stress in your life?  I would love to hear about your experiences, leave me a comment.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Take A Look Tuesday- My Happy Places

We are finally all unpacked, moved in and living life.  Everything is cleaned, hung and placed.  I am so happy and it looks great, it feels like home. I am so happy and so blessed.  I have found a new love of cooking and I can't wait to make lots of healthy new recipes in my new happy place.
I also have space now for my crafts, I still have to get a chair, but I am well on my way to creating new and wonderful things in my new area. The room is still a work in progress!!!!

I am so happy and learning to live in the moment and I am so blessed to have the space to be able to do the things that I love.

Monday, July 8, 2013

On the Wagon, Off the Wagon, On the Wagon

So it begins again, I am starting over for the umpteenth time.  It's not rocket science, eat less, move more.  I get it, really I do.  But something happens in between the stress and the happenings of everyday life, I take bites, bites that add up all day long, bites that I do not even realize I have taken.  I finish things on my daughter's plate because it would be wasteful to throw it away.  So here I am once again having to get back on the wagon. How is it that I have a Master's Degree and I can't figure out how to once and for all lose this weight for good?  This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life and I have to do it, I must do it, I won't be satisfied until I have kicked this weight loss things ass.
Do I do like the Biggest Loser and exercise for 6 hours or do I walk for 30 mins a day?  Do I eat meat? Do I eat carbs? Do I only eat veggies?  It is really all to much to process.
My goal, as silly as it sounds is to be able to run in the Princess Half Marathon in Disney by the time I am 40.
I just feel like I keep failing at this.  I get so discouraged so easily. I am running out of options so I decided to just start with calorie counting, and I utilized the Lose It App, and I did my Walk Away the Pounds DVD.  I wish someone could pay me to lose weight, because if I could treat it like a job I would totally do fabulous at it.

In other news my little miss who is almost 2, is now standing without holding onto anything, so it's not long now until we will hear the pitter patter of those little feet, I hope. I hope everyone has had a great day. If anyone has any diet, exercise tips please let me know.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


We celebrated the USA's birthday and my son's 8th birthday this week.  I cannot believe it has been 8 years already.  I love you to the moon and back little man and you will always be my baby no matter how old you get.  We got to visit with my parents for the week and head over to Disney World, it was a great week minus a few blips here and there.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Get er Done

So we are loving life in the south, loving the slower pace, loving all the activities there are to do here.  I just wish we would have done it sooner.  We were just stuck in a rut, constantly waiting for life to just happen, waiting for things to happen to us instead of getting out there and doing what we wanted and what we needed.
We wanted a change, we needed a change and we made it happen and now couldn't be happier.  The kids seem much happier too, I am sure they sense how happy we are and that certainly affects them.  So with summer here things are just so much better, there is so much to do, there are places to go, there are things to see.   I am still working on meeting people, meeting other moms.  Meeting people is definitely the hardest part for me,  I am shy by nature and have an extremely hard time putting myself out there, but I am working on it.  I hope that if you are stuck in a rut that you will just get out there and make a change.
I have been thinking about this a lot lately,  I am trying desperately to lose weight but have lost the motivation to do it, I know it's not rocket science. I just have to do it, no excuses, just do it now.  I don't want to spend a fortune. I don't want to buy special potions and foods, but sometimes I just have a hard time figuring it out.  So it's time to use the same attitude and just get it done.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Me Time, Stress Time, Hive Time

Learning to take time for myself is not easy at all.  I become paralyzed with the idea of "Me Time."  I don't know what to do with myself, I feel like I am being frivelous.  I feel like I do not deserve it, I feel like I should be doing something for my kids or with my kids.  Our master bath has a huge tub and my hubby bought me some bath bombs for Mother's Day in hopes that I would take a bath and learn to relax. NOPE! Trust me I tried, I filled the tub put the flowery scented bath bomb in and sat in the tub. I tried to relax really I did, it lasted for about 5 minutes, and I hopped right out.  It's official I do not know how to relax, I can't turn my brain off and do nothing, I just cannot do it.  I start running things in my head of all the things that I have to do, and say what the hell am I doing in this tub when I have all that stuff to do.
So hubby has told me that I need to take a few hours for myself tomorrow, because I have been stressing out a lot lately.  I have had a few episodes of hives which are always a fun time and I have been getting headaches.  These are usually signs that I need a break.  Having a special needs child can be very stressful, I just start thinking and the list plays in my head.
-Am I doing what I need to do for her?
-Am I doing enough for her?
-What else can I be doing for her?
-Am I pushing her too hard?
-Why isn't she walking?
-Why isn't she talking?
-When will she walk?
-When will she talk?
-Why does she have to start school at 3?
-Will I enroll her in school?
-Will I homeschool her?
-What if she can't go to her neighborhood school?
-Will she have friends?
-I don' t take her out enough
-I should get her into a class
-Am I not doing enough for my son?
The list just goes on and on and on over and over and over again in my head and I can't just sit and be quiet and let it settle in my brain and be at peace with the fact that I have done enough today.  I always feel like there is more, there is always more that I could be doing for my kids.  I can't keep doing this to myself though because the stress is not good.  Why is it that anything I do is never good enough for me?  I am always so hard on myself, I am in most cases my worst critic, my worst enemy.  I am trying to fix this about me,  I am trying but I am having a really hard time changing.
If you have a solution or advice I would love to hear it, let me know in the comments.

Friday, June 14, 2013


It's Father's Day weekend and I thought I would use today's blog to thank my hubby for being the best Daddy that two kids could ever have.  He devotes all his free time to our children, he spends time with them both.  He loves them both unconditionally.
When our daughter was born he didn't let the Down Syndrome scare him, he accepted it and loves her more than any Daddy could ever love a little girl. I am so lucky to have him and so glad to call him mine.  Our children are so lucky to have him as their Dad.  I don't tell him everyday but I am so grateful to him and all he does for our family and for the time he devotes to me and our children.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


I am going to start a running list of the things you should NEVER EVER say to a parent of a Down Syndrome child out of respect and just plain kindness.  If you are going to say any of the following or close to it, it is probably best that you just keep your mouth shut.

1. I am sorry- sorry for what?
2. She doesn't look like she has Down Syndrome are you sure?  No I am not freaking sure you idiot, of course I'm sure.
3.  Do you know if she will be high functioning?  She will have strengths and weaknesses just like everyone else. Are you high functioning?
4. Did you know before you had her?  Does that really matter?
5.Did you consider abortion?  No did your mother consider abortion?
6.  It could be worse.  Really?  Thanks for pointing that out.
7.  You are not going to have anymore children I hope.  Nope hadn't planned on it not that it is any of your business.
8.  They don't live very long you know?  There are no words for this comment.
9. What's wrong with her?  Nothing what's wrong with you?
10. Maybe she'll grow out of it.  Ummm nope she won't, moron.
11. Down Syndrome people are always so happy!!!!! Actually she can get pretty moody just like anyone else.
12. God only gives you what you can handle. I believe this to be true almost 2 years later but isn't something I wanted to hear when she was born.
13. She will be able to work in McDonalds!!! Gee thanks, not that there is anything wrong with working in McDonalds, but let's be honest here, when you have a kid your hopes and dreams for them don't ever include the words, McDonalds or flipping burgers.
14.She will do things in her own time!!!! Yes I am aware.
15. You will always have your baby she will never grow up!!! Ummm I think she will she won't always be a baby.
16. The toddler years for Down Syndrome kids lasts FOREVER, she won't be potty trained until she is 6 or 7.  REALLY? Thanks for your input, now shut up.
17. Hopefully she will have friends.  Do you doubt that she will have friends? Why? Because of people like you, who are ignorant?
18. You must not have taken care of yourself when you were pregnant?  Really jackass, actually I did EVERYTHING I was supposed to do. Get a clue.
19. You must be out of your mind bringing a child like that into the world!  Apparently whoever brought you into the world was out of their mind too.
20. You know Down Syndrome kids are in danger of getting (insert disease here) YES, you poor excuse of a human being I am well aware, I have read the research and the books and YES I know, now please keep your "advice" to yourself.
21. Why would you take her anywhere, it's not like she knows what's going on around her.  Ummm yes she does know what is going on and I hope she's thinking boy this guy's an ass.

All of these things have been said to me in some way or another.  People can be so incredibly rude and obnoxious. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Babies

My kids are summer babies so July and August are usually filled with lots of birthday activities, cakes, parties, and balloons.  This is the first year that my son will not be having a big party but he is going to get to go to Disney World so I think that is a fair trade.  I am sure that there will still be cake and celebration and decorations galore.  As for little miss she hasn't had a birthday party yet in her little life, she was sick on her 1st birthday and this year all our family is in another state.  We will probably visit Disney then too because why not.  

My son started summer vacation and today we experienced Tropical Storm Andrea. So it was an indoor, stay in your pajamas kind of day. I hope the rest of the summer is nice, warm and sunny. I want to start getting more active.  Well I hope all is well out there.  I hope you are all loving your summer so far.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer 2013 Bucket List

So we started our Summer 2013 Bucket List

Go to the beach
Go bike riding through our neighborhood
Take pictures through the neighborhood
Go to a children's museum
Go on a scavenger hunt
Go to Lake Park
Go to the playground
Water balloon fight
Create art master pieces
Make s'mores
Have breakfast for dinner
Catch lightening bugs
Build a fabulous sand castle
Pick a book series to read
Go to free concerts
Go to the aquarium
Get together with family
Have a BBQ and invite some new friends over
Collect sea shells
Swim in the pool
Go to Lego Land
Go to Disney
Go to a water park
Go fruit and veggie picking
Take pictures of things that remind you about summer
Try homeschooling
Take a walk everyday (okay more like twice a week)
Visit a zoo
Lunch with Dad
Mini golf
Go on a road trip
See grandma and pa
Have a birthday celebration for D
Have a birthday celebration for L
Go to a Flea Market

Friday, May 31, 2013


I wasn't going to give this any attention because it was only going to give the troll who keeps reading and commenting on my blog recognition.  I mentioned it in an earlier post that if you don't like my writing or what I write about please don't read it.  But you whoever you are keep leaving me rude comments on my blog about what I write, how I write it and how my child is never going to be "NORMAL" You sir or madame, I don't even know who you are and I don't know you, so please stop writing comments, stop reading it if you don't like it.

I Write For Me and For No one Else

Hello friends, so here's the thing, I may not always write correctly.  I may not always write about things that people enjoy. I write this blog for me, I write it because I enjoy it.  My attitude is if you don't like it, don't read it, no one is forcing you to do anything that you do not want to do.  Be happy in your own life, so that you don't have to constantly criticize others, be happy and don't read things that you do not enjoy.

Okay now that that is out of the way.  The days are certainly getting hotter down South, and summer vacation for my oldest kiddo is approaching quickly.   I am making another summer bucket list with him to decide all the things we want to fit in this summer.  We will be learning and having fun all summer.  So I will be posting our Summer List in a few days as soon as we finish it up. What are your plans for the summer, I would love to hear about it.  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, enjoy.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekly Mish Mash

So I am starting to organize my life, I am starting to organize my home, I am starting to organize my children and my husband.  I feel like when I am not organized my mind gets cluttered.  So I am in search of the perfect bins to organize my linen closets and my pantry, so far no luck.  I don't want to spend $12 for one bin, since I need so many.  So I will search far and wide until I find them. I tried the dollar store, but they are so cheap and flimsy I decided it wasn't worth it.
If anyone has any advice on this please let me know.

We spent our Saturday with my husband's co workers and their families.  It was nice to meet new people but a little difficult for me because I am so shy.  As I have said before most people who meet me for the first time think that I am a bitch because I am so quiet and stand offish.  So hopefully these people didn't think that of me, I try so hard to feel comfortable but it is extremely difficult for me to open up and to act like my true self.

Our pool filter broke, on Memorial Day weekend which was a big huge bummer. I got my bathing suit and towel and sunscreen all ready and went outside and realized it wasn't working and the water was getting all gross.  So because it was a holiday weekend we have to wait until Tuesday for someone to come out and fix it. Oh well, such is life.

Loving my kitchen, loving cooking and trying out new recipes.  I love having the space to create things that my family loves, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

I am trying to make time for myself. I am slowly learning to allow myself the time to do things for me and do the things that I enjoy.  It is extremely difficult for me to relax. It is extremely difficult for me to justify spending time or money on myself.  I could be doing something with that time or that money for my children.  I am slowly begining to learn with the help of my husband that I am worth it.

So let me know how you organize? Are you looking forward to summer?  What's your favorite summer recipe? How do you take "ME" time? I look forward to hearing from you.

Friday, May 24, 2013


There are days when I hate Down Syndrome, there are days when I just want a normal life, there are days when I just want my daughter to walk, to talk to me, to act like a typical almost 2 year old.  When I realized yesterday I was going to have to fight for services for my child that came so easily to us in New York. I was infuriated. I was so angry.  I fought for her and I won.  I am so happy I didn't just take it. I am happy that I spoke for her. I stood up for her and she will receive what she needs. I have a feeling it will be a fight for the rest of her life to get the things she needs and deserves.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Make People Happy

"It's simple, just make people happy,"words to live by.  Zach Sobiech was a young boy who passed away on May 20 from his long fight with osteosarcoma.  He turned to music to help him get through his darkest days and wrote a song called Clouds.  His message is simple, live your life to it's fullest, don't miss out on anything, tell the people you love how much you care, and just make others happy.  May God Bless the Sobiech Family and Zach. Watch the video of this wonderful young man and his beautiful family, it will change your life.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rich Manhattan Moms Walk A Day In My Shoes

I am a special needs mom and I am responding to the article in the NY Post.

Dear Rich Entitled Manhattan Moms,

You want to pretend to be a Special Needs mom for the day so that your little darlings don't have to stand in line at Disney World.  You poor poor thing, it must be so hard to have to stand in line for any longer than 5 minutes, it must be so hard to have to discipline your children for more than five minutes while waiting in line, oh and what about the heat and the sun, we wouldn't want you or your offspring to break a sweat or heaven forbid get a sunburn, I am so sorry you have such a hard life, it truly must be so hard to be you.
If you want that "Special Pass" at Disney I truly believe you should have one, but first there a few requirements I think you should have to complete before you are awarded the "Golden Ticket" as you seem to think it is.
I want you to walk in my shoes, I want you to see what it is like to give birth to a baby, a baby you have wanted for so long, and have them tell you that she has Down Syndrome and if that isn't bad enough she needs open heart surgery before she is 3 months old or she will die.  I want you to know what it's like to have to drive your baby to the hospital knowing they will cut open her chest and operate on her heart.  Sit by her bedside night after night with no sleep praying to any and every God to help your sweet precious baby. You are probably thinking clearly that is enough to earn the ticket, well nope I am sorry you are not quite there yet.  You will also be required to visit numerous specialists with your child, for example you will have to bring your child to the cardiologist once a week for a few months, sometimes twice a week, then you will graduate to every two weeks, then once a month, then every 3 months, then every 6 months then finally you will only have to go once a year, and that's only the cardiologist, there are endocrinologists, pediatricians, Ophthalmologists, Neurologists, just to name a few.
Wait not so fast there is a lot more, you will have to fight with insurance companies and doctors and anyone else who is not being fair to your child.  You will have to be your child's advocate.  You will have to always be there, can you do that, can you cancel your fabulous lunch dates, your yoga classes, your shopping sprees, your spa dates.  You will be lucky if you have a haircut once a year, so embrace the pony tail it will be your new friend. There will be no time for what you want or need, it is all about your child.  So I am sorry but you just might go grey or look unkempt.
I hope you are okay with being stared at because this happens a lot, people will stare at you  and your baby, not because they are thinking wow she looks awesome for 36, no it's because either they feel sorry for you, for your child or they are thankful that they are not you, maybe who knows why they are staring but they do and they do it a lot.  Oh there are also the rude comments, you may need to toughen up for this, hope you are able to let things roll off your back because people can be really mean and hurtful.
Oh we are not done yet, get cozy because there is more.  I sure hope you had your Wheaties today because now you have to deal with helping your child do all the things that "normal" children do with ease each and every day.  Now you have to have all of her therapist appointments, there is Speech because she is almost 2 and still doesn't talk,  then off you go to the Physical Therapist because she's 2 and she still isn't walking.  Occupational therapy is going to help her too because she is 2 and still can't feed herself.  In between therapies you will do everything all of those therapists have suggested everyday because you are hoping and praying that by the time she is 3 maybe she will do all of these things.  Maybe she will walk, feed herself, and say I love you Mom by the time she is 36 months old.
Getting tired, well there is also cooking, cleaning, driving your other children back and forth from school and activities, helping with homework, grocery shopping, Dr appointments, being a good wife, dinner time, bath time, bed time, laundry, etc. Then you get to go to sleep and get up and do it all over again.
Now pay attention, this is the most important part.  You are going to worry ALOT, because your child is prone to getting multiple illnesses, and the thought of your child going through anymore hardships is heart breaking.You will never want to send her to school because kids can be cruel and the thought of anyone making her feel bad about herself numbs you.
Okay so here is the really important part, I really hope you have been paying attention.  You are going to know true love, you are going to know how to love unconditionally, she is going to teach you things that you never knew about life, about love, about what is important.  As soon as you have that feeling, then you may have your special disney pass.  Maybe after spending a day in my shoes or any special needs parent's shoes, you will look differently about what you are doing.  Maybe you will be so thankful and happy maybe you will realize how truly lucky you are to have a healthy child.
Yours Truly,
The Mom of a Special Needs Child

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and it was the best Mother's Day since I became a mom 7 years ago that I have ever had. We were so busy all weekend.  We visited Downtown Disney on Saturday afternoon, had dinner there and just walked around the shops. While we were there, there was a group of young people with Down Syndrome performing on stage. It was perfect.
On Sunday we visited EPCOT Center, it is my most favorite place on earth, my happy place.  To be able to spend Mother's Day with the people I love most in the place I love most was simply Magical.  I enjoyed every moment and for the first time in my life I was living life in that moment, not thinking about anything else in the future. I was happy and I was enjoying that very moment.  I honestly can say that is the first time that has ever happened to me.  My mind is always racing, thinking, worrying, not being in the moment.   I am slowly learning to be happy in the the now and I love it.  Thank you to my hubby and my fabulous kids for making this Mother's Day the best ever.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Special Needs Parents Have Feelings Too

Our new early intervention journey is scheduled to be on its way today. Someone will be coming to go over paperwork today.  I know how thankful I should be that it is available to her. I know I should but it is so hard having people come in and out all the time. It makes me feel different, not normal.  Sometimes I just wish she could develop in her own time, do it at her own pace, not have to work so hard to do what other kids can do naturally.  It bothers me  a lot. I put on a brave face, an I can deal with it face.  Inside I am screaming to be normal, screaming to not have to deal with people staring, people asking questions about why she is so small, people asking "what is wrong with her?" Sometimes i just want to scream how unfair it is, how unfair that my sweet little girl has to endure people and their ignorance.  In case you are wondering, yes someone actually asked me what is wrong with her, my response to her was, "Nothing, what's wrong with you?"  People are always so shocked when I come back at them with a response like that.  People also think that parents of special needs kids can't hear or don't have any feelings or are not really people.  Because I CAN HEAR YOU if you are whispering something about my kid 2 feet in front of me. The best is the "Oh I don't know how you do it?"  Well what else should I do?  What else am I going to do?  She needs me to take care of her, she deserves love just like anyone else, and I am her mother and I love her with all my heart.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Moving Is Hard on the Body, Mind and Soul

Moving is hard, it's hard physical work, it's hard emotional work.  We have left everyone and everything behind that we know and love, we have left all of it to make a change, to be able to be a family just the four of us. We lived with my parents before leaving, and as devastated as everyone was I think moving was the best for everyone.  We needed our own space and we were invading my parents space.
I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling it is to have my own kitchen, my own space, my own.  It is the most wonderful feeling in the world.  Don't get me wrong I love my parents dearly and miss them terribly but this is the life that my family and I needed right now.  Our own place, our own lives, our own family.
Getting use to a place can also prove to have it's difficulties.  I had made some really great friends back "home" especially those that knew what I was going through with the Down Syndrome,  I felt like I had a finally made a connection with some ladies.  I in general have a  VERY hard time making friends, so to have to make friends all over again is very difficult for me.
My husband on the other hand who never really had a lot of friends is fitting right in here and has made friends with the guys at his job.
Then there is the added stress of Down Syndrome, finding doctors, and dentists and cardiologists can be very daunting.  But I did get it all done for the most part, so there is a great sense of relief now.  My son is doing so wonderful with school, he fit right in with his class, made a new friend and already got a student of the week award, he is my hero.  He just lets things roll off his back, doesn't let stress get to him, is just happy doing his thing.  So I am going to take a cue from my very bright and intelligent son, just go with the flow and everything will turn out alright.  Hope you are all having a great day.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So Happy and Back to Blogging

Hi everyone, I am back and better than ever, okay maybe not but I am a whole lot happier.   It was a long few weeks of packing, lifting, loading, moving, making plans, finding a place to live, new jobs, new everything. So we did it, we moved to the south where the sun is always shining, the birds are always singing, okay so it rains, and there are dreary days as well, but we are so happy to be starting our new lives, and we are absolutely loving it here.  I am also happy to be back to blogging and our somewhat regualr schedueled programming.
My son is loving his new school and I am extremely impressed with it as well.  I feel like I am finally living my life for me, loving my life, enjoying my life.  I was constantly living in the shadows of other people's lives, living to make everyone else happy, never to make myself happy, and I what's changed now?  I am truly happy, happier than I have ever been in my entire life.  I almost don't know how to deal with it, I don't know how to respond to it.  I was so worried about my daughter and getting her the services she will need but I know that she will be just fine, she has her family who loves her and that  is the first step.
We have dealt with so much during our first years of marriage, I feel like this is finally our time to shine, our time to be happy, our time to be comfortable in our lives.  I feel so blessed and I am happy to get this blog up and going again.

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Today was a lovely day spent with family.  There were Easter baskets o'plenty, egg hunts galore, yummy food and treats.  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.