Friday, September 20, 2013

Life Is Good- Week in Review

Well I have been absent from blogging for a while and I apologize.  Why haven't I been writing?  Life. Life just sometimes gets in the way of the things I love doing.  I have to seriously learn to make the things that I love doing a priority.  I will try to commit to at least blog once a week when I am most busy. I may just do a week in review type of thing.

So what has been happening?  Lot's!!!!  I cut all my hair off!!!AHHHHHHH!

I have never had my hair this short and I must say I am LOVING it.  It is so easy to take care of, so easy to get ready in the morning and so FREEING!!!!!

Even though it is still 90 degrees outside, I am pretending that it is fall inside.

 We had a mom and big kid date at Disney's Wilderness Lodge.  This is my FAVORITE resort. We at dinner at the Whispering Canyon Cafe which was delicious. We spent the day at the Magic Kingdom, it was a great day!

Little Miss is starting to talk a lot more.  She now says Mickey, Mom, Dad, Done, More, Get It, Out, No, Yes (Ya!!) This is such a big deal to us.  So happy that she is beginning to communicate with us. She still isn' walking, she will take 2 or 3 steps alone but won't go any further. I guess it is just the beginning.   We are loving life and enjoying all the things we love to do.