Thursday, September 26, 2013

WHAT DO I DO ALL DAY????????????????

What do you do all day?  Someone actually asked me this question the other day. "I don't know how you stay home and not work, I need my own time, I would be so bored if I stayed home."  SERIOUSLY???????? Boredom is really not an issue with me.  I will illustrate my schedule here just so this person and others can get a clue.

1.Wake up (sometimes I get to shower, depends on if hubby is running late or it 2 yr old is awake yet, other days, dry shampoo can be a girl's best friend) Most days I look like a hot mess, but my kids don't care. They just care that I am there and that they can count on me.
2. breakfast for 2 yr old and 8 yr old, make lunches for 8 yr old and hubby
3.Independent play for 2 yr old while I pay bills, clean up breakfast, start laundry
4.Clean up playroom
5.Drive 8 yr old to school
6. Nap for 2 year old if I am lucky, usually not so lucky (clean while she is napping)
7. Therapy for 2 yr old
8. Lunch
9. Play and Therapy Practice for 2 year old
10. Pick up 8 yr old from school (2 yr old will sometimes nap in the car emphasis on sometimes)
11. Finally get home from picking up 8 yr old from school after sitting in the car line for an hour
12. Homework, cook dinner
13. Feed kids dinner
14. Dinner me and hubby/ Clean
15. Bath for kids and bedtime
16.Sometimes we squeeze in grocery shopping or an outing in there.

So no I am certainly not bored, nor do I have time for a job right now.  I am not a burden to my husband.  I am providing my children with a mother, with stability, with  normalcy. I am providing my husband with a clean and organized home, clean clothes, cooked meals and he loves knowing that I am here with our kids.  I am not going to dump my kids off at day care because I need an outlet or I am bored.