Monday, July 29, 2013


So the haircut never happened and I so desperately need one, instead I spent the entire weekend sick, fan-freaking-tastic.  Anyway I belong to this seasonal subscription box called, Fortune Cookie Soap and I love them.  This morning I used one of their Sugar Scrubs and Whipped Creams and OMG I am in love.  I will be placing an order soon.
I just thought I would share something I do for myself and it is getting this little subscription box in the mail.  It is something that is just for me and I look forward to it.  I get so excited to open it up when it's in my mailbox.  So if you have not tried Fortune Cookie Soap yet, you must.  I am not being paid nor am I affiliated with Fortune Cookie Soap, I just really love them and think you will too.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Food for thought Tuesday- Chicken Tacos

I have been making this delicious recipe for a few weeks now and I love it, thought I would share.

Whole wheat tortillas
chicken breasts
pineapple salsa
sour cream
shredded cheddar cheese

I make the chicken in the crockpot
Add chicken and jar or pineapple salsa (I use Newman's own) and half a jar of water
Cook on high for at least 3-4 hrs
When chicken is done shred with a fork
Dice up tomatoes and avocado
Create tacos with chicken, sour cream, tomato, avocado and cheese.

They are delicious and perfect for the summer.  Enjoy, let me know if you try it!

Mommy Time Monday- One Fish Two Fish

Our weekend was spent with family visiting from NJ.  The kids swam in the pool, we went to the aquarium, swam some more and went to the outdoor mall here.  While we were at the aquarium the most amazing thing happened, my daughter who will be 2 in just a couple of weeks, was looking at the fish and did the sign for fish.  I was so happy and so proud of her, I could have cried.  It is amazing how something like that just makes it all seem so worth while.
In other news this mama needs a break, I am thinking I may schedule myself a hair appointment to get a trim and a coloring and schedule some me time! Hope everyone has a nice Monday!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Since I was a little girl I always wanted to learn about another country's culture and to speak their language.  Recently, a lovely book has come to my attention, Since I was a little girl I always wanted to learn about another country's culture and to speak their language.  Recently, a lovely book has come to my attention, Since I was a little girl I always wanted to learn about another country's culture and to speak their language.  Recently, a lovely book has come to my attention, Bosley Goes to the Beach by Tim Johnson. This book is meant for children and was written to help them learn. This book can be utilized to introduce your child to a new language and to teach them new words and phrases.

This wonderfully illustrated book is written to allow children to understand and learn a  new language at their own pace. The layout of the book puts the English on one side, and it's Spanish translation on the other, making it easy for your child to follow.  All of the illustrations are labeled in Spanish as well, making this a fabulous book to help your child to learn a new language and to enjoy learning.

So if you are looking for a book that is well written, beautifully illustrated and encompasses all that learning a new language is about, then look no further; Bosley Goes to the Beach by Tim Jonhson is the book for you and your family.

Check out the website! Bosley Goes to the Beach is available for purchase on

Tim has been so generous and has offered to give a free copy of Bosley Goes to the Beach to one of my blog followers. So what do you have to do to win?

1. Like My Hands and Heart are Full on Facebook
2. Share my facebook page.
3.Click on the Top Mom Blog Button on my blog.
4. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of the blog, that you did all the things listed above, and if you would like to see more give aways.

Good Luck and enjoy Bosley Bear!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mommy Time Monday- Stress

How do you deal with stress?  This week is going to be VERY stressful for me.  OT is starting for Little Miss and I have to bring her there at 6:00 in the evening.  I should preface that by saying that she goes to bed by 6:30-7:00 so it is her cranky period of the day, so I am already stressing out about it. Then she has the usual therapy sessions and everything else that I have to get done this week. In the past, I thrived on stress, I worked best under pressure.  Today, it's a whole different story. I don't do well with stress, I feel it in my body, I feel sick to my stomach. I feel awful and have already broken out in hives.  All this added to the million and one things I have to get done in the next 3 days, should prove to be interesting for my stress levels.

Sometimes it is hard to have it all riding on my shoulders, don't get me wrong my husband helps when he's here and when he can but mostly everything has to be taken care of during the week; so that means it's up to me to get it done. In the end I always get it done, but it's just the stress before hand that I am having a hard time with.  I guess it all leads back to the fact that I need to make time for myself to de-stress.  How do you deal with the stress in your life?  I would love to hear about your experiences, leave me a comment.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Take A Look Tuesday- My Happy Places

We are finally all unpacked, moved in and living life.  Everything is cleaned, hung and placed.  I am so happy and it looks great, it feels like home. I am so happy and so blessed.  I have found a new love of cooking and I can't wait to make lots of healthy new recipes in my new happy place.
I also have space now for my crafts, I still have to get a chair, but I am well on my way to creating new and wonderful things in my new area. The room is still a work in progress!!!!

I am so happy and learning to live in the moment and I am so blessed to have the space to be able to do the things that I love.

Monday, July 8, 2013

On the Wagon, Off the Wagon, On the Wagon

So it begins again, I am starting over for the umpteenth time.  It's not rocket science, eat less, move more.  I get it, really I do.  But something happens in between the stress and the happenings of everyday life, I take bites, bites that add up all day long, bites that I do not even realize I have taken.  I finish things on my daughter's plate because it would be wasteful to throw it away.  So here I am once again having to get back on the wagon. How is it that I have a Master's Degree and I can't figure out how to once and for all lose this weight for good?  This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life and I have to do it, I must do it, I won't be satisfied until I have kicked this weight loss things ass.
Do I do like the Biggest Loser and exercise for 6 hours or do I walk for 30 mins a day?  Do I eat meat? Do I eat carbs? Do I only eat veggies?  It is really all to much to process.
My goal, as silly as it sounds is to be able to run in the Princess Half Marathon in Disney by the time I am 40.
I just feel like I keep failing at this.  I get so discouraged so easily. I am running out of options so I decided to just start with calorie counting, and I utilized the Lose It App, and I did my Walk Away the Pounds DVD.  I wish someone could pay me to lose weight, because if I could treat it like a job I would totally do fabulous at it.

In other news my little miss who is almost 2, is now standing without holding onto anything, so it's not long now until we will hear the pitter patter of those little feet, I hope. I hope everyone has had a great day. If anyone has any diet, exercise tips please let me know.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


We celebrated the USA's birthday and my son's 8th birthday this week.  I cannot believe it has been 8 years already.  I love you to the moon and back little man and you will always be my baby no matter how old you get.  We got to visit with my parents for the week and head over to Disney World, it was a great week minus a few blips here and there.