Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekly Mish Mash

So I am starting to organize my life, I am starting to organize my home, I am starting to organize my children and my husband.  I feel like when I am not organized my mind gets cluttered.  So I am in search of the perfect bins to organize my linen closets and my pantry, so far no luck.  I don't want to spend $12 for one bin, since I need so many.  So I will search far and wide until I find them. I tried the dollar store, but they are so cheap and flimsy I decided it wasn't worth it.
If anyone has any advice on this please let me know.

We spent our Saturday with my husband's co workers and their families.  It was nice to meet new people but a little difficult for me because I am so shy.  As I have said before most people who meet me for the first time think that I am a bitch because I am so quiet and stand offish.  So hopefully these people didn't think that of me, I try so hard to feel comfortable but it is extremely difficult for me to open up and to act like my true self.

Our pool filter broke, on Memorial Day weekend which was a big huge bummer. I got my bathing suit and towel and sunscreen all ready and went outside and realized it wasn't working and the water was getting all gross.  So because it was a holiday weekend we have to wait until Tuesday for someone to come out and fix it. Oh well, such is life.

Loving my kitchen, loving cooking and trying out new recipes.  I love having the space to create things that my family loves, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

I am trying to make time for myself. I am slowly learning to allow myself the time to do things for me and do the things that I enjoy.  It is extremely difficult for me to relax. It is extremely difficult for me to justify spending time or money on myself.  I could be doing something with that time or that money for my children.  I am slowly begining to learn with the help of my husband that I am worth it.

So let me know how you organize? Are you looking forward to summer?  What's your favorite summer recipe? How do you take "ME" time? I look forward to hearing from you.