Sunday, June 9, 2013


I am going to start a running list of the things you should NEVER EVER say to a parent of a Down Syndrome child out of respect and just plain kindness.  If you are going to say any of the following or close to it, it is probably best that you just keep your mouth shut.

1. I am sorry- sorry for what?
2. She doesn't look like she has Down Syndrome are you sure?  No I am not freaking sure you idiot, of course I'm sure.
3.  Do you know if she will be high functioning?  She will have strengths and weaknesses just like everyone else. Are you high functioning?
4. Did you know before you had her?  Does that really matter?
5.Did you consider abortion?  No did your mother consider abortion?
6.  It could be worse.  Really?  Thanks for pointing that out.
7.  You are not going to have anymore children I hope.  Nope hadn't planned on it not that it is any of your business.
8.  They don't live very long you know?  There are no words for this comment.
9. What's wrong with her?  Nothing what's wrong with you?
10. Maybe she'll grow out of it.  Ummm nope she won't, moron.
11. Down Syndrome people are always so happy!!!!! Actually she can get pretty moody just like anyone else.
12. God only gives you what you can handle. I believe this to be true almost 2 years later but isn't something I wanted to hear when she was born.
13. She will be able to work in McDonalds!!! Gee thanks, not that there is anything wrong with working in McDonalds, but let's be honest here, when you have a kid your hopes and dreams for them don't ever include the words, McDonalds or flipping burgers.
14.She will do things in her own time!!!! Yes I am aware.
15. You will always have your baby she will never grow up!!! Ummm I think she will she won't always be a baby.
16. The toddler years for Down Syndrome kids lasts FOREVER, she won't be potty trained until she is 6 or 7.  REALLY? Thanks for your input, now shut up.
17. Hopefully she will have friends.  Do you doubt that she will have friends? Why? Because of people like you, who are ignorant?
18. You must not have taken care of yourself when you were pregnant?  Really jackass, actually I did EVERYTHING I was supposed to do. Get a clue.
19. You must be out of your mind bringing a child like that into the world!  Apparently whoever brought you into the world was out of their mind too.
20. You know Down Syndrome kids are in danger of getting (insert disease here) YES, you poor excuse of a human being I am well aware, I have read the research and the books and YES I know, now please keep your "advice" to yourself.
21. Why would you take her anywhere, it's not like she knows what's going on around her.  Ummm yes she does know what is going on and I hope she's thinking boy this guy's an ass.

All of these things have been said to me in some way or another.  People can be so incredibly rude and obnoxious.