Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Looking Forward to a Brighter Tomorrow

2011 was a cruel and blissful year all tied up in a neat little bow.  Life came to an end, life was renewed, love was regained, trust and capabilities were tested.  2011 will always be one of the years that I remember most, the year that helped me to realize the person I am, and the person I want to become. I have never been one to make resolutions, or if  I did make one, I never kept it.  Well this year it is simple for me, it just seems so effortless.  Be a better mom, be a better wife, a better daughter, a better niece, a better aunt, a better cousin, a better friend, just be a better me.  This year is 2012, I will be turning 35 in about 1 week, and I want to do all I can this year to be a better me, 365 days worth of discovering who I am and what the rest of this life has in store for me.
I carry with me the scars of years past but only as a rememberance of who I have become because of those scars and what this life will enable me to become because of the bruises and the battles I have endured.
I am humbled by 2011, only to stand my ground in 2012 and not let the bitterness, the hatred, the unhappieness of others taint my world.  I will move on to a better tomorrow, not letting in any of the negativity or misery.  I will make time for me, make time for the people I love, make time for friends, for having fun and enjoying life and all it has yet to show me. 
I will continue to watch my children grow and learn and play and love, I will submerge myself in all the good, crazy, creative, fun, things that this year will bring.  I will make a conscious effort to be silly and to play and to go away and experience things.  I will break out of my comfort zone, I will do things I have never done before.  Why is this year different?  I know for sure that my daughter has given me a new outlook, a new horizon, a new life to behold and I will not waste it, I will enjoy it and thrive on all the new experiences we have to look forward to.  So here is to a better me in 2012, may I be all that I can be, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  To 2011, thank you for humbling me, thank you for giving me my beautiful baby and showing me how to be a better mother to my children.