Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Tip for the Week- Happiness (you've got it, find it and use it)

My tip for Tuesday is be happy. Smile a little, turn that frown upside down and laugh.  There is saying that "Life is not a dress rehearsal," and it is so true.  We only get just one chance at living a happy life, and it is all what you make of it.  If you spend your days wallowing in self pity and surrounded by negative thoughts then you are not allowing happiness into your life.  I feel I fall into this trap often and find that I have to keep reminding myself of how great this life can be.  I know it can be hard especially when you are surrounded by negative people in your life.
All over the internet there are people who are choosing one word to describe how they want their lives to be in 2012.  I had a hard time with this because there are so many words I would choose, but if I had to just choose one I think it would be happiness.  I just want to be happy in my life, happy in my own skin, happy doing what I am doing in this moment, isn't that all any of us really want anyway, just to be happy.  I want to use this year to accomplish a lot of things, but with all of those things I must continue to count my blessings and be happy for all that has happened in my life thus far.
I guess my tip is to look at your life and realize all the wonderful things that you have to be happy about, don't sweat the small stuff and do things that make you happy. I realized that going to the gym makes me happy last night, getting there that's a whole other story but once I am there and doing something for myself it makes me happy that I am taking a little time just for me. Just being with my little family makes me so happy, we have been stuck in the house since my daughter was born so it has been very hard but I try to love all the moments I have with her. When my son comes home from school I love to sit with him and help him with his homework, because I know that soon enough he ill not want my help anymore. So my tip for today is find something you love, do something that makes you happy today.  Happy Tuesday everyone.