Monday, January 30, 2012

Looking Forward- Monday Thoughts

So today I was reflecting on how much in my life I have to look forward to.  I thought about this as I had a celebration at the kitchen sink today as I dumped all of Leah's heart medications down the drain.  I am not sure what I felt at that exact moment, I do know I was fighting back the tears.  I wanted to thank God, thank Jesus, thank the doctors, and hold my baby girl close.  I was hanging onto these bottles of medicines, I am not sure why exactly.  She has been off all medications for a couple of months now, so I thought it was definitely time to get rid of them,  when something becomes such a constant in your life it is hard to let it go I guess, the constant what ifs, what if she needs the medicine, don't throw it away yet.  The words of the cardiologist were echoing in my head as I watched the orange liquid swirl down the drain, "your baby's heart is perfect, she has no restrictions, treat her like a regular baby with a regular heart now." She seems to be doing so well and I am so thrilled that all the modern medicine in our world today saved her life. Time to move ahead, looking forward to making more memories with her and not letting the negativity in my life bring me down or at least try not to.