Sunday, January 22, 2012

Can't Believe We Made it Here

It snowed yesterday, I kind of like it when it snows on the weekend, when my husband doesn't have to drive in it. It is nice to spend the day together.  My son got to play in it for a few hours with Daddy and I spent time with my little munchkin.  She is doing better and better everyday, she just amazes me, she went to the cardiologist last week and he said he didn't have to see her again for another 6 months, this was the best news ever.  He said her heart was perfect, she could be treated just like a regular baby no limitations, my husbnd and I were thrilled beyond belief leaving the doctor's office that day, so hard to believe where we are now, compared to where we are now.  I remember a very wise friend telling me, months from now you are going to wonder how the hell did I ever get through that.  We did get throught it, but we did it together as a family, we held on to each other, and never let go and here we are today.  Amazing how things happen in life, just when you think you've hit bottom there is a life preserver floating at arms length for you to grab on to, I guess if you don't lose focus, don't lose your grip you will pull through, if you lose sight of what is important you will lose, your grasp, lose your way.I am happy that I held on tight, held on to the hope that she'd be okay, because today she is better than okay, she is fabulous and if we got through heart surgery we can get through anything.  Through all of this I can not forget how wonderful my son has been through it all.  He amazes me with his strengths and talents each and everyday.  I know how hard all of this must have been for him to go through, but he was such a trooper and I am so proud of him.
We've come such a long way and there's no looking back now, onward and upward. I am looking forward to doing all the things we can as a family, together.