Friday, January 6, 2012

34 and 362 days

3 more days until I turn 35 and I realized I don't even have any plans to do something special, nor do I ever on my birthday, it's just another day right?  What do you do for your birthday? I have hinted to my husband at least 500 times since I turned 30 that I would love a birthday party( a real party, with decorations, music, dancing, food, cake, lots of people) but it usually never happens, okay well he was going to throw me one last year and I found out about it and told him not to do it. Mostly because it was so last minute, like 1 week before last minute (and I knew noone was going to come so last minute, so I didn't want to be disappointed when noone showed up), you need months to plan a good party, at least I do when I plan my son's parties, I have already started planning my daughter's first birthday. I am thinking 35 is a big year and I have been through sooo much this past year that I deserve to do something fun, since there won't be a party. But what to do?  Maybe I will go shopping, or get a haircut or out to dinner or all of the above.   I guess every year I have these big plans and big hopes but every year they never happen. I guess birthdays should be just for kids anyway.
Well since my birthday is on Monday I would have to do something this weekend, I most likely will finish organizing my craft space and stay home all weekend taking care of my lovies. I guess it is nice to just dream about doing something I normally wouldn't do.