Friday, January 13, 2012

Down Syndrome Worry

I have thus far treated my baby girl just as that, my baby, my little girl, my happy little angel.  The Down Syndrome hasn't even really been an issue to me.  Her needing heart surgery was the hurdle we had to overcome and then we would deal with everything else.   So what is everything else you ask?  Well I am still trying to answer that question for myself.  Am I in denial that my baby has this disorder?  Some might say yes, some might say no.  For right now I just feel like she is my baby girl no different from my little boy.  I guess we have not really ventured out into the world as of yet so I don't know how the world is going to react to her and that frightens me.  I just want to keep her in my arms safe and warm forever, but I know that is not possible.  Everyone that meets her, has fallen in love with her, has been taken in by her happienss, by her bright almond eyes and her cheery smile.  She is only 5 months old and can light up a whole room, with her smile and her giggles.
I do not know what Down Syndrome has in store for us, but so far she is doing remarkable.  She is gaining weight, rolling over, cooing, laughing, holding things, doing a lot of things they said she may never do  or not do until she is much older.  She is determined, she is happy, she is sweet, she is my baby and I guess that is all that really matters.
Sometimes I sit and wonder though, am I doing enough for her, what else can I do, what else should I be doing?  Is Early Intervention enough?  Should I be doing more?  I know she is still so little, sometimes I think the more I do for her the better off she'll be.