Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Tips- Dieting, Kids, Etc!

Dieting and exercise can be daunting, it can seem like such a chore especially when you have a lot to lose.  I was reading this article this morning, that said "If the caveman didn't eat it you shouldn't eat it."  So we should be eating, fruit, vegetables, meat and nuts basically, nothing packaged, nothing in a can, only pure, fresh ingredients and I think it is true, whenever I eat this way I feel fabulous, try it I bet you will feel great.  But it is so easy to pop something in the microwave, so easy to grab a snack that is packaged, with life, responsibilities, kids, cooking, cleaning time is not something I have a lot of.
So my tip for this week is to try and eat clean for just a week.  I am going to buy myself and insulated lunch box and prepare all my snacks and meals for next week.  Wish me luck.  Oh and as for exercise, do something that is FUN or you will never stick to it. I havefound myself loving ZUMBA it is great exercise and lots of fun.

In other news, my daughter is starting her physical therapy and she is well on her way to catching up to all her little baby friends.  She is my light, she keeps me focused, she keeps me striving for better, she keeps my outlook on life clear, she's is my inspiration.   Her brother just adores her and is such a great kid, I asked him if he wanted to share a birthday party with Leah this summer and he said "Mom I don't need a big party, my sister has been through a lot she deserves to have her own party." I just love that kid. (he will definitely be having his own birthday party, just for making my heart melt) Have to start the planning, now I have 2 parties to plan.  Happy Tuesday everyone.