Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You Are In Holland, Welcome

There is an essay they give you when you are in the hospital and have just given birth to a baby with Down Syndrome, it's called Welcome to Holland by Emily Kingsly.  It is a beautiful essay that describes what having a special need child is like.  You plan this fabulous trip to Italy(plan to have the perfect baby) but when the plane lands the pilot announces "Welcome to Holland."(having a baby with Down Syndrome).  It's not what you wanted, not what you imagined it would be, you think you will never be able to do it, never be able to understand, but then you realize all of the wonderful things about Holland, the windmills, the tulips all so breathtaking, just like you realize what a blessing your child with Down Syndrome is.
My husband and I read this when we got home from the hospital with our daughter and it was so helpful and enlightening to us both.  Last night my husband gave me a gift, probably the most wonderful, most thoughtful gift he has ever given me.  He said it was a late Christmas gift from our daughter.  It was a windmill charm for my bracelet.

Windmill Silver Plated Style Pandora BeadsThis gift was so wonderful, so thoughtful and I will cherish it always because I am more happy and thrilled to be in "Holland" than I ever thought or imagined I would be.