Friday, January 20, 2012

Friends and Family Friday- My Husband-My Family-My Friend

I had a hard time with this blog, trying to figure out what exactly to write about, Friends? Family? or both?  So I decided to write about the one person in my life who is both my friend and my family, my husband.  Kevin and I met when I was 21, just finishing up college, just out of a not so good for me reltionship and there he was.  We met in an AOL chat room, we talked on the phone for about a week and then we decided to meet.  At the time I was attending college in Manhattan, so I was thinking about where we could meet, well you couldn't get any more "public" than Manhattan so we agreed to meet in front of the Disney Store on 5th avenune, I almost chickened out, almost didn't show up. Anyway I am thankful that I did show up, he was so soft spoken, so kind, so nice.  He had never been to the city before and I could tell he was a little overwhelmed.  We went to the bookstore to get the rest of my books for that semester, and found a little diner to have lunch in, it was so nice I felt like I had known him all my life.  We hugged each other goodbye that day and made a date for the next day, from that moment on we spent every moment we could together.
He asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve 4 years later. On March 16 we got married surrounded by all our friends and family, it was a wonderful day and the best wedding I have ever been to.
Kevin is my best friend I can't imagine what my life would have been like without him, he works so hard for us and our family and I appreciate each and everything he does. He is the best father to our children and I couldn't have asked for a better man.  He plays with our son, his weekends are devoted to both kids, he is just wonderful. When we had our daughter he was my rock, my shoulder to cry on and he was there for me and I so couldn't have done it without him.  Our life has not been all daisies and roses, we have had some heartache and hardships, but through it all we have been there for each other and have loved one another. So thanks Kev for giving me a family I adore and being the friend that I need, I love you.