Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday!

So weight loss Wednesday was rudely interrupted by Valentine's Day, I couldn't back down from the Godiva truffles, I just couldn't do it.  Although I did not gain any weight this week, I didn't lose either sadly I stayed the same.  Still haven't found the umph to exercise, I have been running back and forth to doctors and specialists with my daughter and having to be home for her Early Intervention twice a week, and working with her to get her muscles stronger.  I am just so tired all the time, by the time 9 pm rolls around I am ready for bed.
I know that if I did exercise a lot more I would have more energy and maybe I would not be so tired at night, I know people say I have to make time for myself, but how do I do that when there is so much that has to be done?  Maybe next week I will have better weight loss news.