Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Wednesday is probably my least favorite day of the week, when I was a child I always spelt it wrong, it's considered hump day which never sounds very nice.  I guess it's smack in the middle of the week, kind of borning, kind of ordinary, not the humdrum of Monday or the Thank God it's Friday, not the laid backness of Saturday and Sunday but just plain ol' Wednesday.  I am Wednesday, plain, pretty boring, pretty predictable, I have friends who are definitely Fridays, you are thankful when they come around to kind of spice your life up a bit. So here I am on Weight Loss Wednesday, how fitting.  I am down almost 11 pounds but just losing my ooomph, I am still trying to get back into a regular exercise routine but I have been so tired lately, that by the time hubby comes home I just want to lay back relax and go to bed.  I have to start shaking things up a bit or I am going to lose my steam.  I happy that the scale is going down, but I just want to start feeling stronger, I want to be strong and fit.  So after I nurse myself back to health, battling this headcold, it is back to Zumba and Walking, also want to start lifting weights.
My son is a Thursday in my life, he likes to get silly and crazy at times but likes to stay close enough to the seriousness of Wednesday. I have decided that my daughter is definitely a Friday, she came into our Wednesday kind of world and has shaken us up a bit, she is the spice of my life most definitely. So here's to letting Friday into your life and changing things up a bit.