Monday, February 27, 2012

At Her Own Pace

Babies with Down Syndrome are often signifigantly delayed when it comes to meeting all of those baby milestones.  It is hard as a mom to see other babies around my daughter's age and not say "oh she/he's crawling, talking, standing etc." 
Little Miss will be 7 months old and has just mastered the art of holding her head up while on her belly and rolling over from back to tummy and tummy to back.  She is doing really well for a baby with down syndrome according to the Physical Therapist, but it is still really hard.  I sit and think when will she crawl, when will she stand, when she will walk.  I know that she is doing the best that she can for a little baby who has been through all that she has been through.  She will do all the things that other babies do, just in her own time.  A friend sent me this creed that put it all in perspective for me.

Down Syndrome Creed

My face may be different
But my feelings the same
I laugh and I cry
And I take pride in my gains
I was sent here among you
To teach you to love
As God in the heavens
Looks down from above
To Him I'm no different
His love knows no bounds
It's those here among you
In cities and towns
That judge me by standards
That man has imparted
But this family I've chosen
Will help me get started
For I'm one of the children
So special and few
That came here to learn
The same lessons as you
That love is acceptance
It must come from the heart
We all have the same purpose
Though not the same start
The Lord gave me life
To live and embrace
And I'll do it as you do
But at my own pace

I think this pretty much says it all.