Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thankful for My Parents

I guess it has been a few days since I have blogged.  Sorry about that folks, I know you are just sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next installment of life according to me.  To be honest things have been just the way I like them, very quiet. 
I realized today how thankful I am for my parents, they have helped us so much in the past 4 months, if it wasn't for them I would have had to deal with everything in the hospital by myself, but because of them my husband was able stay in the hospital with me, they gave us that special time together with our daughter and I will never be able to repay them or thank them enough for that.  They have helped us in so many ways, I cannot thank them enough.
My dad is there for me so much, and I thank God for him each and every day, he has helped me so much this school year, I will never be able to repay him.
Sometimes you don't realize how much your parents truly love you, but it is during those times when they really step up to the plate and help you in ways you couldn't possibly imagine, that you realize how much you mean to them, how much your husband means to them and how much your children mean to them.
So I hope this Christmas you will show those that you love how much they mean to you, don't just tell someone you care, show them through your help, your actions.