Thursday, December 8, 2011

So Little Yet So Strong

 My baby girl is 4 months old and has been through so much.  She is my hero and I am thankful to be her mommy each and every day.So my little girl is thriving, she is getting so big and is eating so much more.  She tries to roll over, she doesn't quite make it all the way over but she is getting there.  She tried cereal for the first time today and I think she really liked it of course more ended up on the bib than in her mouth but that's okay.  She had to get shots, I hate to see her in pain like that but I would rather her cry now than to get a terrible disease.  As I saw how big she got today at the pediatrician I thought back to when we were in the hospital and never thought we would get here.  Everyone kept telling us that we were going to look back on that experience and wonder how in the world we got through it. I am reminded of all the wonderful doctors and nurses that we encountered each and every day.
We owe these people so very much for allowing our baby to have a life, to have her first Christmas, to have so many more firsts.