Saturday, December 10, 2011

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day or Is It?

"I'm having a horrible day."  We hear it all the time right?  It's raining and you forgot your umbrella, you missed your train, the alarm clock failed to wake you up after  pushing snooze for the 10th time, you got a flat tire, someone was rude to you, you spilled your cup of coffee on your white blouse, someone cut you off on the highway, you just feel plain old grouchy.  We've all been there, we've all said it, but are you really having a bad day or is it not as bad as you think it is?  It's all perspective I guess, what you think is an awful day might seem like a piece of cake compared to what I am dealing with on a particular day.  I can honestly say that I know what a Bad Day is, it is giving birth and them telling you your baby has down syndrome and several holes in her heart which can only be fixed with surgery.  A Bad Day is when your baby is too weak to eat from her failing heart.  A bad day is handing your baby over to men in scrubs, knowing they are about to cut into her chest, stop her heart from beating, allowing  a machine to live for her, yes indeed that would be a terrible day.  A horrible day is walking into a room where a baby lies before you, it is her name above her crib but you recognize nothing about her except the deep brown hair on her head, she is so swollen and orange from the iodine they spread all over her little body.  A horrible day is when my baby girl stopped breathing right before my eyes, and the doctors had to stick a tube down her throat to breath for her.  I am pretty sure that under the title of bad, horrible, terrible days these kind of days would be first on the list.
So when something goes wrong in your life that is really just an inconvienece that is really all it is.  It's really not terrible, maybe it is to you at the time but always know how lucky you are to have those little blips in life, because when you really truly think about it, that's all they really are.  I am guilty of complaining about the little nuisances in life, like 1:00 doctor's appointments that turn into 2:30, or the people behind the counter that completely ignore me like I am not even standing there, or people who cut me off on the highway, or not getting enought sleep.  But since my precious angel came into my life, I have realized she has had more to go through and is so entitled to complain and whine each and every day about what she has had to endure, but she doesn't she just smiles so bright she lights up a room, and it is that smile that reminds me of what a really bad day is and I thank her for making all of my days seem so much more brighter.