Monday, December 12, 2011


So okay I will admit, I have a little bit of an obsession with Disneyworld.  It is the only place I ever want to go on vacation. I mean who wouldn't they have it all.  I have been over 20 times in my life, my husband has been there 3 times (we went on our honeymoon), and my son has been there twice.  So after having gone through all we have in the past 4 months, what do I want to do, well plan a trip to Disneyworld of course, that's where we go to celebrate, where we go to enjoy ourselves, where we can lose ourselves in the magic and not have to face reality for a couple of weeks.

Danny loves everything about Disney, he was hooked from the moment he entered the Magic Kingdom for the first time.  He loves as do I the magic the whole place gives you.  I cannot wait to share all the wonder and excitement of Disney with our little girl.  I hope she will have as much fun as we all do.
I enjoy every minute of it, I love planning every detail of our trip, from whether we will fly or drive, to the resort we will stay in, to all the breakfast, lunch or dinner reservations.  We also see the shows, firework displays, and parades.  We love all the rides from the Tea Cups to Space Mountain. I know I sound like a Disney Infomercial. But what can I say we are just crazy about the place, so off I go to plan our next magical vacation.