Sunday, March 4, 2012

Noises, and Sounds and Math Oh My

Ma Ma Ma, Ba Ba Ba, Da Da Da.  These are the sounds that we are trying to get our little girl to start saying.   She does a whole lot of yelling lately and sometimes seems to utter those sounds, but I cannot be quite sure.  As they tell me that we should be hearing more of those sounds from her I start to worry because we are not really hearing them often or at all for that matter.  I keep telling myself that she will do it eventually, she will make those sounds when she is good and ready, but it is still hard waiting and hoping that she will do all the things that she is supposed to.  I do know this the day I hear her call Mommy or Daddy will be the most wonderful day and I can't wait for it.In other news I have discovered that my son is quite the math whiz, he keeps bringing home fabulous grades and I couldn't be more proud of him.