Friday, March 1, 2013

People Who Know

Today it was so nice to sit and talk to people, adults.  It was nice to talk to kind, caring people.  It was nice to talk to people that get it, that simply know and understand, because they too have been there, they too have shed tears, they to have had doubts, they too have felt exactly what I have felt, and even if there are no words to explain, it's okay because they already know, they already understand.  They know what it's like to be told your baby has Down Syndrome, you are friends instantly, because you share a common bond.  You share something that noone else gets, noone else understands, noone else lives, noone else breathes.  They hold your baby and know, they talk to your baby and they know, they look in her eyes and appreciate how cute she is and know how wonderful she truly is, because they see those same things in their own children. 
Today I was given a gift, and I took it, unwrapped it and thanked God for it. I also need to thank someone I once knew in High School, I was introduced to her cousins who have a son with Down Syndrome, it was a wonderful meeting.  Oh but the story doesn't end there, there's more, so pay attention.  I met a girl in the dentist office and I had my daughter with me, we got to talking and turns out she has a son with Down Syndrome who, get this was born the day before my daughter, same year, crazy right?  Oh but wait it gets better, turns out she was born in the same year I was, the day before me.  So I believe somehow God, the universe whatever you want to call it brought us together.  Oh but wait there's more, turns out the cousins of the girl I went High School with and the girl I met in the dentist also know each other. Okay, okay you can all chime in now "It's a small world after all, it's a small small world."
Anyway to make a long story short, I am thrilled to have found friends for myself and my daughter, it was a wonderful day. Today starts Down Syndrome Awareness month, if you have a child with Down Syndrome, I urge you to reach out to your local Down Syndrome group or if people are willing to introduce you to people who are going through a similar situation, take them up on it, we can all use support, we can all use a shoulder to lean on.