Monday, March 11, 2013

Moo Says the Cow and 2+2=4

Okay so Little Miss is surely doing things that all these specialists said that she could not.  This weekend marked one of those memorable celebrations of sorts.  She has been hearing Old MacDonald for months now and looking at picture cards of animals and listening to me say all the sounds and the matching animal, well this weekend was a proud moment. I would say "What does the cow say?", and she would say "MOOOOOO," "what does the sheep say," "Baaaa Baaa Baaa" "what does the piggy say" for this one she makes a sort of snorting sound.  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen or heard, I am one proud Mama this morning.
My son is doing super dee duper in school, he was having a little trouble on these timed Math Quizzes, the teacher would give them 1 minute to anwer 50 questions so we have been practicing those like crazy and he has gotten so much better.  So it's the little moments that make me happy, even if it is just the Moo of a cow, the baa of a sheep or the fact that 2+2=4 I am going to celebrate it.