Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Doctors, Specialists, and More Doctors

So this week our Little Miss turns 19 months old, and along with the Down Syndrome comes the visit to the eye doctor every 6 months, the cardiologist, the endocronologist, and all the other specialists who line up to take measurements of height, weight, blood, urine, etc.  It is so overwhelming at times, it is at times like this that I wish this didn't happen to us, it is times like this that I wish there was a cure for Down Syndrome, that I could just take it away for her.  It makes me angry when I see people who clearly should have never been parents and have perfectly healthy children, it makes me angry that I wanted her so badly, I did everything right but it wasn't enough.  So I have my little pitty party in my head and then I get over it.  She needs to go to these specialists, without them she may not do so well.  So I suck it up and I go and I deal with it because who else will, she needs me to be strong for her, so that is what I do because there is no other option. So today we are off to the eye doctor and next month it's the dentist, pediatrician, endocronologist, etc.