Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break and Other News

So it's Spring Break for my oldest and it's not exactly the nicest weather here, in fact it's still winter.  This time last year we were walking around without coats and it was so nice out, this year that's a whole other story. Hubby and I have been seriously discussing moving to a warmer climate, maybe Florida, somewhere where we will be able to enjoy being outside for most of the year.  We also would love to move closer to all the new friends we have met whose kiddos also have DS. We have so much work to do and so many decisions to make, decisions that will affect our whole family.

In DS news, we joined a playgroup, all the therapists said how great it would be for her, we were so excited, then we find out it takes place shortly after she has PT, so there goes that plan, oh well. I will never make it there in time. Little Miss is still cruising and standing holding on to things.  She is now blowing kisses, saying "All Done!" and signing "All Done!" She is saying what we think is some form of "Grandma," sounds more like "Abba" but we'll take it.  She is very stubborn and gets into everything, and the therapists keep telling me these are good things, we'll see.  I hope everyone is doing well.