Saturday, April 28, 2012


This is a Summer Bucket List of things I plan to do with my family and myself this summer 2012, I hope.

1.       Go to the beach

2.       Go bowling

3.       Go to Disney World

4.       Go to the zoo

5.       Make lemonade

6.       Blow bubbles

7.       Finger paint

8.       Water fight

9.       Swim

10.   Make popsicles

11.   Treasure hunt

12.   Birthday parties

13.   Water park

14.   Cookout

15.   Hike

16.   Go to a museum

17.   Go to NYC

18.   Visit a farm

19.   Sidewalk chalk

20.   Make Disney Tshirts

21.   Bean bag toss

22.   Picnic

23.   Parades

24.   Fireworks

25.   Game Night

26.   Write a book

27.   Arts and Crafts

28.   Stormville Fleamarket

29.   Mini golf

30.   Have a 4th of July Party

31.   Make our own Flat Stanley and take him with us all summer

32.   Invite friends over for playdates

33.   Bake cookies for friends

34.   Make a dream board

35.   Go to a new playground

36.   Find a support group for Down Syndrome

37.   Tye Dye Shirts

38.   Read some great books

39.   Manicure & Pedicure

40.   Get a tattoo (maybe I can get the rub on variety- I think I am a little scared to do the real thing) in admiration of my daughter and my son

41.   Ride as many roller coasters as we can

42.   Go to a carnival

43.   Go to a drive inn

44.   Have a pizza party

45.   Have an ice cream party

46.   Get stronger

47.   Succeed at my diet

48.   Do something special with my husband

49.   Get a team together and donations for the Buddy Walk in the Fall

50.   Have a family picture taken

51.   Bake a pie

52.   Go somewhere new

53.   Take a nap

54.   Take D bike riding on rail trail

55.   Have a girl’s night

56. Maybe attend the Down Syndrome Conference if we can make some extra
 money and if the pediatrician says it's okay.

57. Have a yard sale
This a pretty good start I think, I hope I get to do it all!!!!!