Thursday, September 29, 2011


I realized how much I love to write, how it is both theraputic and realaxing for me to just sit here and type away.  I have always loved to write. When I taught fifth grade it was my goal to turn them all into Edgar Allan Poe or Jane Eyre.  I hope I succeeded, maybe one day I will see them on some daytime talk show talking about their latest novel and how their fifth grade teacher gave them their love for writing. Hey, a girl can dream can't she?
The way I adore writing is the way my son adores playing. Today there is a day off from school and my mind is a flutter with what to do to entertain him, but I have realized on many occassions that he would rather amuse himself with a bucket of LEGOs and go to town, that boy loves his LEGOS.  And when I say entertain himself, I mean he can sit for hours, building and taking apart those plastic bricks, creating fictional stories around them and telling them aloud as he builds.  He has such an imagination, I envy him.

He has quite the personality as well, all the kids wave to him and say hello as he walks into school, it's like watching an episode of Cheers, when Norm enters the bar and everyone shouts "Norm." He is quite the character.  I have always said I need a baby girl because I was so bored with LEGOS and superheroes, but I honestly couldn't imagine my life without being ankle deep in those little plastic bricks that bring my son so much joy.  So on this rainy day I think there will be lots of LEGO building and mayhem going on and I wouldn't have it any other way.