Wednesday, October 5, 2011


As the weather is getting cooler here in New York, I can't help but start to feel wonderful, Fall has always felt like my "New Year" my time for renewal, time to make changes, time to enjoy.  Maybe it is because I am a teacher and in Septmeber I would always begin a new year, a new class, new supplies, a fresh new start.

So as the weather starts to feel like fall I become totally submerged in it, I want to indulge in all things that speak fall to me. I love all things pumpkin, coffee, pancakes, muffins, pie, if it's made of pumpkin I will try it.

So as we enter fall my baby girl is about to have a renewal of her own so to speak.  She will receive her surgery sometime in October or November.  I am dreading it and looking to get it over with at the same time, sort of like pulling off a band-aid, you know it is going to hurt like hell but it has to be done.  During this time of  pumpkins and cool crisp breezes I have a heavy feeling in my heart, knowing that my baby will be going through so much.  But I will still try and make traditions for her and my son, although this year we couldn't go apple picking like we used to I know that next year we will be there and she will be a healthy and happy little girl and I can't wait for all our the adventures we are going to have.  But for now we can make our own fun at home with her and my son.