Thursday, October 6, 2011


Talking about all this renewal yesterday, got me to thinking about birthdays.  I have loved celebrating my son's birthday each year and planning a wonderful birthday party for him.  Now that we have our little girl my mind is full of so many wonderful ideas to start celebrating her birthdays. This year will be the most special of all I think, when we make it through to August and being able to look behind us and say, "I can't believe we made it."  That is the day I long for.
I love birthdays and parties, I never really had birthday parties growing up and have always wanted one so I guess that's why I like to go all out when it is for my children.  I am super crafty, ask anyone. I like to try to make everything and I have so much fun doing it, everyone says I should start my own business, maybe I will someday.
This was D's first birthday. Yes I made everything and loved every minute of it.