Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzard 2013 and 18 months old

I have my whole family home today, because of the impending blizzard.  So I will enjoy having them here safe and warm.

My daughter turned 18 months old. All the things they said she would never do, the list is endless.  Well each and everyday she continues to prove them wrong. "She won't understand basic directions," they said.  "Where's your socks?" She pulls them off her feet.  "Give mommy your glasses!" She takes them off and hands them to me. "Drink your juice!" Yup you guessed it, picks up her cup and drinks.  The list is endless of all the directions she is able to follow, and for a baby that wasn't supposed to follow simple directions that sure is a lot. 
"She won't stand until she is 2 or 3, won't walk until she is 3 or 4."  She is 18 months as of yesterday and is standing and cruising along the couch. Guess she just will continue to prove everyone wrong. Stay safe and warm everyone!!!!